Viking anchors are made to live longer

The design of the Viking anchor has evolved based on hard work and perseverance.  We have made modifications large and small.  At each stage of development, we have tested and tested.  We have relied on feedback from reputable yachtsmen and our own experience on our yacht.  We have conducted arduous holding capacity tests of anchors of different sizes.  We are confident our investment in testing has paid off and our patience rewarded.  We now have a range of galvanized steel anchors with remarkable holding capacity for their weight, made from some of the best high tensile steels available, and with setting and resetting ability to at least match the best anchors currently available.


Good and tested design, materials selected for technical excellence (not cost), professional workmanship, and rigorous quality control - are the hallmarks on which our reputation will be built - like any other product built to stand the tests of time and the demands of a discerning public.  We are making anchors - but we are also building safety devices - and safety is always at the forefront of our minds.


Welcome to our world.  If you are looking for an anchor, we think you will find here a product that will keep your grandchildren secure at night on board.  Take your time, read the knowledge we are gladly sharing.   If you have questions - ask us; if you have doubts, let us know. Feel free to leave us a message or any questions - we will answer!  If you have doubts - we understand, all manufacturers gloss over the inadequacies.  We know there are many options out there, we urge you not to rush when choosing your new anchor.   Take your time, we hope that in the end, you will make the right decision, we have tried our best to give you the best tools to do it.  We are here for the long term, we will stand by our claims.


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