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Our Anchors' Advantages- Why Viking?

 Straight forward:

  • Low weight
  • High surface penetration capabilities
  • Ultrafast setting and resetting
  • anti mud piling design 
  • Incredible holding power
  • can be used as concave or convex shape anchor
  • Long-life durability
  • Low volume while in storage
  • Unique retrieval system
  • Unlimited lifetime warranty 
  • Tailor-made adjustment abilities


Regular steel coated with zinc by way of a galvanizing process is the typical and most economical material used for anchor construction, some will say it is the best for anchors but we will not get into that. Stainless steel has its own advantages, but we'll leave it for now.

Our anchors are made with F700 HT steel with yield strength of 750 Mpa which gives them along with The use of the right geometry the incredible lightness compared to their size and holding power.

Our carefully designed anchors optimizing the anchor's weight to holding power ratio that we are so proud of, and that is why, as you can see in our tables and charts below, all Viking anchors are lighter than what you would expect to find looking at similar anchors that made to hold the same size of boat . 

Our anchors are lighter than most of the steel anchors out there and yet, achieve unbelievable holding power to their size and weight.

working with carefully-selected vendors, and following a strict process of selecting the best materials, we've managed to create the lightest steel anchors in the market. 

The shank on any anchor is a common failure point, normally bending when a high lateral load is applied to them when high side pressure is applied to the anchor. This can happen when the anchor fouls on a submarine obstacle and jams, or when wind direction suddenly changes, pushing the boat sideways.

Looking to minimize the occurrence of such events, we are using only high-grade high-tensile grade steel to build the anchors, and due to their design as harder the pulling pressure on the anchor increase is our anchor buried deeper and deeper leaving no shank part exposed to the lateral pressure (see how it works here)


Finally, anti-rust treatment.

The zinc coating preventing the steel from rusting is created using a process called "hot-dip galvanizing". Other processes exist but are inferior and will result in less durable finishings.  All of our steel anchors are treated with a "deep hot galvanizing" process.

Viking Steel Anchors are galvanized to a specification exceeding all industry standards (80-micron minimum coating layer).

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Please visit our Youtube channel to see some anchor testings and more.

Congratulations, you have got a new friend.

You will probably enjoy your Viking anchor as long as you live, we are saying that not because we have the prophecy of knowing when your time comes, we say that because we believe in our products so much that we know they will last long enough for you to enjoy them as long as you live.


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