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Our anchors advantages or, why Viking?

 Straight forward:

  • Low weight
  • High surface penetration capabilities
  • Ultrafast setting and resetting 
  • Incredible holding power
  • Long life durability
  • Low volume while in storage
  • Unique retrieval system
  • Unlimited lifetime warranty 
  • Tailor-made adjustment abilities


Regular steel coated with zinc by way of a galvanizing process is the typical and most economical material used for anchor construction, some will say it is the best for anchors but we will not get into that, stainless steel has its own advantages, so we will leave it for now.

The quality of both steel and the galvanizing process can vary dramatically. Steels vary in both strength, mild through to high tensile, as well as metallurgical parameters. The initial parameters of the still are defined at the factory the raw material is made in. The mechanical process (casting, forging, milling and such) can also have a large impact on metal characteristics, behavior, and quality.

The fluke, shank roll-bar and the tip of the fluke in anchors should be made with different types of metal, each part requires different levels of tensile and strength.

Along with using best-fit materials to our anchors, we use the unique geometry we developed that helps us achieve the strength needed for our low weight anchors.

In our manufacture facility, our carefully tailor-made anchor design enabled us to reduce our anchors weight/holding power ratio significantly, and that is why, as you can see in our tables and charts that we show in our website, all Viking anchors are lighter than what you will expect to find with other anchors out there suggested to the same size of boat.

From the first moment, you will meet your new Viking anchor, assembling it and mount it proudly at your bow you will feel you got a new friend, this friend will give you the confidence to go to sleep at night knowing that you are 100 percent secured, it will set every time, the first time, whenever you need it to set in any type of seabed, it will suffer the worst wind forces you will encounter and still not move an inch and in case it will grab another boat's anchor chain in a busy overcrowded marina, he will be easily retrieved using our "anchormate" revolutionized yet simple emergency anchor retrieval system supplied free of charge with your newly purchased Viking anchor.

Please visit our Youtube channel to see some anchor testings and more.

Congratulations, you have got a new friend.

You will probably enjoy your Viking anchor as long as you live, we are saying that not because we have the prophecy of knowing when your time comes, we say that because we believe in our products so much that we know they will last long enough for you to enjoy them as long as you live.