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Our Anchors' Advantages- Why Viking?



  1. Weight-our anchors have the highest weight/holding power ratio for any steel anchors. Our use of 21st Century steels offers us weight savings without sacrificing strength and if you look critically at our anchor to vessel weight recommendations you will see how light your anchor can be.  Check our usage tables here to find how light your anchor can be for your size of boat.
  2. Initial setting - our anchors will set quickly, within a shank length, in the most challenging bottoms – hard-packed clay/mud and grassy/weedy areas. Even packed gravel.
  3. Holding - our anchors offer the best holding power you can find relative to their size and weight, meaning that you can use a lighter anchor to achieve the hold of the ‘so-called’ new-gen anchors.
  4. Resetting - our anchors stay set or reset immediately with a new puling direction in case of wind or current change.
  5. Retrieval - Viking anchors are easy to retrieve due to their lightweight and can be maneuvered easily even when if they are stuck under your neighbor's anchor chain. 
  6. Easy to store when not in use- taking apart the Viking anchor will take you 5 minutes and when stowed away, the anchor will take minimal storage space.
  7. Convex and concave shape-our anchors can be used as a concave or convex-shaped anchor, learn more 
  8. The price- We noted the high price of these so-called New Generation anchors made in China and noticed that the previous generation of anchors using largely the same steel, the same labor costs, and suffering the same transport costs was so much cheaper.  Our search for a better anchor was partly driven by this cost differential and we have endeavored to keep our costs low without sacrificing our use of the best steels available in Europe.  Maybe you can call us charitable - thanks to the overpricing of others but we are not, its our business and we manage to make some profit out of it!


Please visit our Youtube channel to see some anchor testings and more.

Congratulations, you have got a new friend.

You will probably enjoy your Viking anchor as long as you live, we are saying that not because we have the prophecy of knowing when your time comes, we say that because we believe in our products so much that we know they will last long enough for you to enjoy them as long as you live.


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