Boomerang in action



What's the problem

A common problem for cruisers occurs when lifting the anchor, arriving at the bow roller ‘upside’ down (or back to front).

This, not a life-threatening issue but the extra snatch loads as the anchor hit the bow roller and then falls over to the correct attitude can do nothing for the integrity or lifespan of the windlass nor its shaft. Plus it can potentially cause damage to anything in the way as the anchor self rights.

Why the anchor arrives upside down has a whole range of mechanisms too many to elaborate on here. Many windlass makers recommend the use of a swivel. Strangely, people with swivels still complain their anchors arrive upside down, often 50 percent of the time.

We are not keen on swivels in the first place as they do not appear to be the quick fix as suggested, but decent swivels can empty your wallet very quickly.

Another quick fix is manually realigning the anchor before it hits the bow roller, less easy if the anchor is heavy, chiropractic fees can be high!

What we did

We took all the information coming from down under (Oz) onboard and set ourselves the task of building something that worked. It is simple to make and, hopefully, foolproof!

The result is the Boomerang, this part we are making ensures your anchor comes back the right way up!

We have contacted the inventor of this simple yet wonderful piece that simply solves the problem, and got his approval to manufacture and sell it as another great Viking product.

We make two sizes- 8mm and 10mm thick, they fit all boat sizes from 20ft to 50ft.

Here is a link to the original article published in Australia at

When using a Viking anchor, due to its design, you will never need to use a boomerang nor swivel, the anchor will always align itself in the right direction to the bow roller upon retrieval.


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