The technical and mechanical differences between Viking V1 and Mantus M1 anchors.


Many people see a resemblance when looking at our old anchor design and the Mantus M1 design, indeed our first and initial design that we have started with looks in some ways like the Mantus M1 design, this was on the beginning of our anchors days, since then and after we made countless models and improvements our anchor changed dramatically. Our final design, the one we are selling since 2019 looks and acts totally different.

For those of you who still mix up between the anchors we have gathered below the main differences, we are only showing the technical differences of the two anchors, the one we started with in winter 2018 when Mantus was its vision and our last and final design that is on the market today.


For the last two rows, we just couldn't resist.


                                                                                                         Mantus M1                        Viking V1


The angle of the fluke to the shank shackle hole                   30 degrees                        34 degrees

The angle of the fluke to the seabed when anchor sets        16 degrees                        26 degrees

Location of the shank connecting point to the fluke          about the center                       back

Rollbar diameter (third anchor size and up)                            16  mm                                 21 mm

Fluke area for 20.4kg anchor                                                 1,260 (cm2)                                           

boat size 40-45 ft

Fluke area for 21.4kg anchor                                                                                              1,500 (cm2) 

boat size up to 21m (70 ft)

Holding power measured in sand                                       unknown                            3,200 Kg.

Rollbar base and “ears”                                                          thin and slim                       thick and wide

Boot assembly                                                                    on top of the fluke                under the fluke

Toe support from the boot                                                             no                                      yes

Anchor material                                                             steel (unknown)          Hardox450 HT galvanized steel

Mud relief holes                                                                               no                                      yes

Smooth fluke top surface against mud                                        no                                      yes

Toe angles shape                                                                   top to bottom                      bottom to top

Number of shank fluke connecting bolts                                     4                                         7

Round-headed bolts                                                                        no                                      yes

The direction of the bolts                                                    bottom to top                         top to bottom

Puller groove for safe retrieval                                                        no                                     yes

Stabilizing skids                                                                                  no                                     yes

Made in                                                                                            China                                Ukraine

Lifetime warranty                                                                              no                                    yes


And there are many more, we made a long way to get to our final design.


Look also here, it is a video made by Steve goodwin testing  Viking 7 and comparing it to Mantus.







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