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Boats are built to sail in the water. this is their arena. They're not built to encounter hard solid structures such as rocks, concrete or other boats. 
Getting close to these hazards requires you to be more careful especially when in anchorage, one of the most important things you need to be certain with is your anchor, your anchor should be 100% reliable to hold you in place with fast setting and firm holding in any weather and conditions, keeping you in a safe distance from any hazard.

Choosing the right anchor for your boat is not a complicated task, however, you need to know a few things before deciding what anchor is the best for you and for your boat.

You can have the ultimate anchor but if you don't give it enough chain length- It will be USELESS.

Except in special circumstances, we have seen no evidence that a swivel solves any significant issues related to the retrieval or deploying of anchors.

It is known that the cheaper swivels fail for a number of reasons related to poor engineering or poor manufacturing. 

Zinc-coated steel using hot galvanizing process is the most effective method of protecting carbon-based steel from rusting.

When a modern new-generation anchor is dropped to the seabed, it commonly sits with the fluke on its side and the shackle end of the shank touching the seabed.
As the load is applied, the fluke toe engages with the seabed and its 
burial is followed soon after by the shackle end of the shank, slowly burying as well.

Digs in Like No Other-The Viking Anchor is designed to penetrate the harshest terrains and still having its enormous holding power.

Some anchor tests show, especially in mud that the fluke develops a ‘clot’ (a pile of dirt) and this clot develops early, or almost immediately while setting and remains jammed in the fluke as the anchor sets.  The clot ‘sort of’ converts the concave fluke to actually being convex. The clot is less likely to develop with holes made in the surface, which is why the Viking has the holes down the center of the fluke, it helps the clot wash away.   

With the new generation anchors, bigger is not always better.

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