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Bigger is not always better

With the new generation anchors, bigger is not always better.

New generation anchors are build to dive deeper, so if you choose to use an anchor that is too big for your boat you are actually diminishing your anchor ability to hold your boat the way it was designed.

Anchor that is not buried all the way including the first part of the chain attached to it might encounter three main issues:

1. unburied shank is exposed to strong lateral forces that in heavy weather might bend it.

2. The unburied shank or fluke tip might tangle with the chain if the wind is idling and the chain is wrapped around the emerging part and when the wind starts blowing again the chain might pull the anchor out.

3. due to the new generation anchor balancing design, an anchor that is not well set will need a longer distance to reset in case of wind or current direction change.

So when choosing anchor that is too big, it is not just the inconvenience of using it, affecting your windlass, your pulpit, and your back (or your spouse back going straight back to you), it is above all

Not safe.

in this photo, a well-buried Viking 10 convex-shaped anchor



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