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How to Choose Your Anchor

Choosing the Right Anchor

Choosing the right anchor for your boat is not a complicated task, however, you need to know a few things before deciding what anchor is the best for you and for your boat.

Here are the most important ones:

1. What boat will it be mounted on? Motor or sailing boat? Usually, sailing vessels require more holding power than motor vessels.

2. What is the size and weight of the boat that the anchor will be mounted on?

3. In what conditions are you sailing? Calm/stormy/all year cruising?

4. Are you sailing along/ with someone who has difficulties in handling heavy weights or is it a professional crew?

In the charts below, you will find answers to the first 3 questions above but the fourth one needs to be figured out by yourself.

When you need to decide what anchor to use, we always suggest choosing the more "conservative" option. The main reason is the holding power, but then comes question number 4 above, bigger is also heavier. Although our anchors aren't as heavy as the old fashion ones, you still need to evaluate your crew's capability of working with the anchor. Both in calm seas and in stormy conditions. If you are not sure, go one size lower if possible, according to your boat size and weight. Don't worry, you will still have a very good holding. We measure our anchors' holding power in a very conservative way, meaning they will hold better than what shows on the chart.

Let's start choosing your next anchor.


The following chart gives you the amount of holding power your boat needs.

These values were formed by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) and they are adopted by most anchor manufacturers.

1 Kilo equals 2.2 Libra.



WIND SPEED           15 KNOTS        30 KNOTS         42 KNOTS

LOA 35 FEET          225 pounds       900 pounds    1,800 pounds

LOA 40 FEET          300 pounds    1,200 pounds    2,400 pounds

LOA 50 FEET          400 pounds    1,600 pounds    3,200 pounds


This chart shows the maximum holding power for each Viking anchor model, tested and measured in a sandy seabed.

All Viking anchor models had been tested to measure their holding power. Since holding is greatly affected by the seabed type, we conducted our testings in the same seabed condition which is sand. Your holding power will vary, depending on the seabed below you.

This is why we cautiously write in our tables "Estimated holding power"


Model Estimated Holding power Kg Estimated Holding power Lib.
Viking 5 300 Kg 650 Lib.
Viking 10 1,500 Kg 3,300 Lib.
Viking 15 2,200 Kg 4,800 Lib.
Viking 20 3,100 Kg 6,800 Lib.
Viking 25 4,500 Kg 9,900 Lib.
Viking 30 5,000 Kg 11,000 Lib.
Viking 35 NT NT




These three charts show what Viking Anchor model can be used on which size and weight of SAILBOAT.

For a motorboat, you will need a 10% smaller anchor size. For sailing a catamaran, you will need a 10% bigger anchor size.

Meaning that motorboats will need a smaller anchor and sailing catamarans will require a bigger one.

As you can see, there are a few options for every boat. For example, Viking 25 will hold a boat up to 21 Meters (70 fits) but it will not be wise to use it on an eight-meter boat. Therefore, please spend some time answering the questions above before deciding.


Model Estimated Holding power  Anchor weight Boat weight up to: Boat length up to:
Viking 5        300 Kg.         2.5 Kg               5,000 Kg          7.5 m           
Viking 10    1,500 Kg.          8.2 Kg                  9,000 Kg         15 m          
Viking 15 2,200 Kg.    12.6 Kg            13,000 Kg         18 m         
Viking 20 3,100 kg.       21.3 Kg                30,000 Kg     21 m         
Viking 25 4,500 Kg.       27.3 Kg                40,000 Kg       24 m         
Viking 30 5,000 kg.       46.2 Kg                    
Viking 35 Not tested     67.5 Kg                  



Also, look here:

Model Estimated Holding power Kg. Max boat length-for storm level Max boat length- for Violent storm level
Viking 5 300 7.5 m  6 m
Viking 10 1,500 15 m 10 m
Viking 15 2,200 18 m 12 m
Viking 20 3,100 21 m 15 m
Viking 25 4,500 24 m 19 m
Viking 30 5,000    
Viking 35 not tested    


 And in this last chart, you can find the actual measurements of our anchors.

It is important to check all the parameters in your boat that are related to dimensions and weight. Please make sure that your boat can accommodate the anchor you choose.









All set? Have you decided what your desired model is? If so, please CLICK HERE and purchase your next and LAST boat anchor.