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Why Choose A Viking Anchor?

Digs in Like No Other-The Viking Anchor is designed to penetrate the harshest terrains and still having its enormous holding power.

BUILT to last

  • Formed out of a high-quality HT steel with a yield strength of 750 MPa. Containing no casted parts.
  • The shank and shank boot are double welded, top and bottom.
  • Shank and roll bar are bolted to the fluke for easy disassembly and storage.
  • The shank goes through the fluke and held by a heavy-duty steel boot. 
  • Our anchors have the best weight/holding power ratio you can find with existing steel anchors.
  • In our carbon steel versions, every part of the anchor is hot-dipped, galvanized for high-level corrosion protection. 
  • Sharp-headed harden toe/tip is made with precision to achieve the perfect chisel-like shape for maximum penetration.
  • Anchor weight distribution provides our best setting and resetting abilities.
  • Our unique fluke holes arrangement prevents mud from getting stuck on the fluke surface, enabling easy and fast reseating if needed.
  • All Viking anchors can be used as concave or convex-shaped anchors 
  • Special made anchormate system is built in every anchor for easy retrieval in case the anchor is stuck on the ocean floor due to ropes, rocks or another anchor's chain.



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