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Viking Anchors are suitable for all vessel types and can be securely located on the bow roller. Standard anchor sizes range from 2.5 kg to 30 kg (larger anchors can also be made on request). Using Europe’s best materials and fabricated by our most skilled crew, Viking Anchors are supplied with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects used under normal conditions and common sense.

The manufacturing process is done in-house, from first drawings to cutting, welding and galvanizing.

All of our anchor’s designs had been tested to measure their holding power. However, since holding is greatly affected by the seabed, we perform our tests and update our relevant charts with holding factors using the same seabed conditions, so you can compare “apple for apple” when estimating the size of anchor you need.

Our playground is a beautiful distant area on the north side of the Israel shoreline, also a beautiful place to sail.

We know that Viking anchors are the best all-around anchors, with the best setting, resetting and holding power performance in a wide range of seabeds, when sized appropriately it will hold your boat in a gale even in seafloors with the poorest holding and penetration conditions.

Our advanced design and light materials give you the opportunity to use a better performance anchor with a lot less weight.

Before choosing your anchor lease go to How to choose your anchor page for more information, you will be surprised to learn that our anchors, on top of being with best setting resetting and holding values they also have the best weight/holding power ratio, meaning that you don't have to choose heavy anchor to get the holding power you are looking for.



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