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Viking anchors are made to live longer


The quality of both steel and the galvanizing process can vary dramatically. Steels vary in both strength, mild through to high tensile, and metallurgical quality is defined at the factory the raw material was made in.

The mechanical process (casting, forging, milling and such) can also have a large impact on metal characteristics, behavior, and quality. 

The fluke, shank roll-bar and the tip of the fluke in anchors should be made with different types of metal, each part requires different levels of tensile and strength. 

The use of the right geometry helps to build strength, in our manufacture facility, our carefully tailor-made anchor design enabled us to reduce our anchors weight to holding power ratio significantly, and that is why, as you can see in our tables and charts below, all Viking anchors are lighter than what you will expect to find with other manufacturers out there suggested to the same size boat.

The anchors that other manufacturers offer are heavier than our anchors.

with the same or less holding power.

By using high-quality steels, working only with carefully chosen vendors and materials, using a strict process of choosing the finest steel to be used for our anchors we managed to come up with the lightest steel anchors in the market.