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Viking anchors are made to live longer


The quality of both steel and the galvanizing process can vary dramatically. Steels vary in both strength, mild through to high tensile, and metallurgical quality is defined at the factory the raw material was made in.

The mechanical process (casting, forging, milling and such) can also have a large impact on metal characteristics, behavior, and quality. 

Zinc-coated steel using the hot galvanizing process is the most effective method of protecting carbon-based steel from rusting.

The quality of both steel and the galvanizing of it can vary.

Different steels are different in strength and in their metallurgical quality, these factors are defined in the factory where they are made as raw material from the initial form of iron.

The mechanical process (casting, forging, milling and such) while processing the anchor can also have a large impact on metal characteristics, behavior, and quality.

Our anchors are made with F700 HT steel with a yield strength of 750 Mpa which gives them along with The use of the right geometry the incredible lightness compared to their size and holding power.

Our carefully designed anchors optimizing the anchor's weight to holding power ratio that we are so proud of, and that is why, as you can see in our tables and charts below, all Viking anchors are lighter than what you would expect to find looking at similar anchors that made to hold the same size of boat . 

Our anchors are lighter than most of the steel anchors out there and yet, achieve unbelievable holding power to their size and weight.

working with carefully-selected vendors, and following a strict process of selecting the best materials, we've managed to create the lightest steel anchors in the market. 

We offer an unlimited lifetime warranty


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