Jonathan Neeves

Viking Anchors make the Boomerang with my approval, they asked if I would mind (a move showing integrity) and I am more than happy to have someone spread the word - as I think the device is useful, it works and it is over engineered - so safe. I'm not in the business, despite what people might think, of promoting - I just like my ideas to be assessed by my peers, you, and if accepted then those ideas I'd like disseminated to as many as possible - altruism, not money is the motivation.

Now I have not seen, in the flesh, a Viking Boomerang - but have been promised one. I like Viking because I think they have moved anchor 'knowledge' forward by use of HT steel through the whole anchor and thus saving weight. I'm one who thinks anchors work by design, not weight. They are open minded and adopt ideas from outside and are happy to give a source to ideas they adopt. Their use of HT steel in the fluke is all theirs. Interestingly their steel supplier a specialist Nordic company has been adopted by Volvo to supply them 'green' steel made using hydrogen, not coal. Its the first time I have heard of green steel being accepted commercially and possibly Viking uses the same steel - as the steel Viking uses is used in the Automotive industry. So those of you with environmental credentials - take note - watch Volvo and Viking.

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